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I began my DJ career when I was about 18 years old. I trained with the local company, "For DJ's only". Since that time (over 20 yrs.), I have done all types of parties, weddings, banquets campgrounds,etc. I start out by asking questions about what the client expects of me. If I am asked to play a prepared songlist, I am happy to honor that and will ensure to have all selections. If not, I would try to get a feel of what type of music is preferred. My phone and email are always available for any changes, questions or even just a confidence check.

Here are some important questions you may ask,
Ask           Our answer
Are you available for my date?                You will   know immediately
Do you provide a written contract? Yes
How many playing hours are included? Agreed upon at contract signing
Is set up time and travel included? Always
How early do you arrive to set up?  At least an hour before guests arrive
Do you charge by the hour or do you have a package? One price includes everything
Is there an extra charge for additional hours? Yes. Same as per hour (negotiable)
Is basic dance lighting included in the price? Yes
How large is your music collection and is it varied.   50’s to present, country, rock, disco, pop, Karaoke, 1000’s of selections                                                                                                               
How do we pick our music for the event? We would welcome any song list you request.  We want to play the music you want!
How long have you been in business?  DJ since 1994
How many WEDDINGS have you done? Dozens; from firehalls, backyards to Genettis’ (formal)
Are you the DJ who will be at the reception?  There are three of us. You get the same person or persons you hire.

Do you bring back up equipment?   Yes. Spare laptop, Secondary music source, mics, mixer, and power amplifier
How much is your deposit/retainer?          $50.00
Can you explain how you conduct the evening?    This depends If you want more of a background effect or if you  want a lot of dancing. We can watch what music seems to work best based on our experience over the years.   

When I DJ a party, I want everyone to have a good time. There are events when everyone wants to dance as long as I play the most popular songs. Those are the easier jobs. There are times when a more subdued crowd may need a little motivation and I do my best to get things going. Other times you may need to turn it down a bit when you realize folks just want to catch up with friends and family. My  job would only there for a background effect. Whatever the situation calls for, I want to do what is best for a successful event.
Prices range from                  $50.00 to $600.00                               Call 570-417-9657
Jason Dennis Jr
Our priority is to create an atmosphere that will you cherish forever!
Thorne Music Service
  DJ and musician services
Our priority is to create an atmosphere that will you cherish forever!
Thorne Music Service
  DJ and musician services
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